Who is The Rugged Cook?

Hello. I am Aaron, The Rugged Cook.

My website is for the everyday guy who wants to cook and share everyday food. I will share my successes, my failures and everything in between as I find my way through my culinary journey. Will there be butter, bacon, and cheese? Yes! Of course, there will be. Will there be vegetables? Healthy alternatives? Vegetarian meals?  Yes! Of course, that too. The kitchen door is wide open and I’m willing to try it all, so join me and share with me as I cook some simple, relatively inexpensive meals that taste amazing.


My hope is to share with you some recipes and my experiences, but I also want to hear from you. Share your advice, your tips and tricks, even your fails, because let’s face it, we all have them and why not share them and work it out together.

Cooking was something I watched on TV with Bobby Flay and Morimoto, it wasn’t real, at least not in my kitchen. But one day I decided to kick my lady out of the kitchen and take over, “I got this babe.” To both of our surprise…it was good…. no, it was great! So not only was the food good, I was good, and I found my art. Hell, I even bought a melon baller. Last year I owned 2 bent spatulas and a steak knife, but now I’m the proud owner of a melon baller!

Throw on your apron, and let’s rock!